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It’s now and it’s

They say an image is worth 1000 words. The NOW is about the many things visual that shape our lives today and the many ways they can turn Wow.


What about the

The NOW is the first in a series of events, shaped to uncover the ever-so-surprising ways the minds of today spark visual content that becomes universally relevant.

It is about inspiration, experimentation, discipline, fun turned into passion. It is not about being outside or inside the box, it is about the many ways the box can be reshaped to deliver stories and about the people who do that.

It is more than ever about photography, video content, social media, the people around us, the street… the experiential and the disruptive. And about all the purposeful ways they serve to make our world a better place.

And the WOW in the NOW

Prepare for a change in your perspective, as visual stories that challenged the paradigm will be unfolded in front of you, from inside out: from budget free initiatives that went through the roof, to personal brands that grew against all odds, to project breakthroughs no one would have put their money on… and so much more.

Prepare for a wondrous mix of stories your eyes can see, that your mind will be hooked on.


They are artists of the seen and creators of the relevant and they are coming to openly share their stories.


They are pursuers of inspiration and seekers of the relevant and they are coming to get inspired and meet their peers.


They are the ones powering the visual stories of the present and fueling the inspiration for the stories to come.

The reasons to join in.

Here come some simple-stated, in-your-face
reasons to become part of the NOW.

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  • Wish to soak in the trends of visual communication
  • Are willing to invest in a day of practical and genuinely shared knowledge and insights
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The first edition in a nutshell.

Bucharest, Romania

The very first edition in a series that will continue with other events, as we promise to tackle the visual from all angles, leaving no corner of creativity uncovered.

International speakers, no more than five, each with his own space and time for sharing, including Q&A sessions.

Approximately 200 participants from relevant Powerful visual projects to be presented on- and offstage.

A venue designed to stir your creative juices.

And lots of laughs and socializing opportunities before, during and after.

More details coming soon. Register here to stay informed:

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